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Free Group Session for Wed (12/9 10PM EST)

jwk291291jwk291291 Member
edited December 2020 in Study Groups 249 karma

Hi, I hosted a group session last week where we went over Formal Logic in the LSAT, a new way to approach LR, and a full LR section! Thank you to everyone that showed up :)

I'm going to be hosting weekly group sessions (at least for the month of December), so this week, I hope to see you on 12/9 Wed 10PM EST. It should go on for around 1-1.5hrs, or so, and I'm going to be covering, roughly, the following topics:
- Logic Games: A Systematic Approach
- Taking Blind Review (and review in general!) a step further
Afterwards, I'll be going through an entire LR section, taking questions, and talking through my approach. If you want to follow along, please have PT21 S2 in hand.

Join the following zoom link @noon/12pm GMT+9, or 10PM EST!
with password 686121
Conf Id 552 864 7080 also works with the same password. Thanks, and see you soon!

If you can't make the time, I'll try my best to schedule a second session, so please let me know.


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