PT6.S2.Q12 - By dating fossils of pollen and beetles

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I'm confused what the passage is actually saying here, and while I can vaguely see why AC E is the correct answer choice, I'm wondering if someone could explain what the LR passage is saying. Is the passage suggesting that the fossil record tells us Beetles developed earlier than the pollen? Not sure if I am allowed to post the whole question here or not...


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    There is a discrepancy between what the pollen and beetle fossils are showing us about when the Ice Age ended and warmer climate began. According to the pollen record, it appears as if the warm climate emerged long after the Ice Age glacier melted but the beetle record seems to suggest the opposite, so why are these records conflicting?
    A.) explains the discrepancy because if cold-weather beetles look like the warmer beetles, then perhaps warm weather did take a while to emerge.
    B.) explains why the pollen record suggests warm climate emerged a while after the glacier melted: it just takes longer for plants to establish themselves compared to beetles
    C.) the beetles could survive a post-glacier state but perhaps the plants could not
    D.) If this is true, then perhaps the plants emerged earlier than the record appeared to show
    E.) this doesn't explain the discrepancy. so they're an older species, but why are the records showing two conflicting times as to when warmer climate emerged?

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    @ashley.tien Thank You!

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