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Jumping from Low 170s to High 170s

173orbust173orbust Alum Member
in General 183 karma

Hi all. I have been PTing in the low 170s (averaging 172.5) and have only scored 175+ twice with a 175 and a 178. I scored in the high 160s on my first official test and would like to get my average high enough for my score to still be 173+ despite a test day drop. Does anyone have advice on how to consistently break into the mid to high 170s range? My main problem section is RC which typically ranges from -0 to -5. Is there any way to get this more consistent? Also, despite foolproofing games from pts 1-50, I still occasionally go -2 on LG. Is there anything more I can do to consistently get that to -0? I feel the most confident in LR where I average -1 and have never scored below -3.

I am considering trying a PT + review every day as some people I know had success with that strategy. While I think this may be unwise for some, I could see it being helpful for me as I have a strong understanding of the fundamentals. Or would I be better off just doing tons of RC and LG sections?

Thank you for the help!

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