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Worried about burning through LG sections, general LG advice.

cagrudercagruder Member

Hi all, I'm preparing for January and trying to tighten up my worst section, LG. My method has been to take 2 fresh LG sections a day, but I've almost exhausted all the core curriculum LG sections. I've been stagnating at around -4 for a few weeks, though in the last week my scores have been pretty erratic (-1 and -9). I'm worried that I'm wasting fresh sections, especially since it's possible I might be retaking in February or April. I'm also wondering what alternative strategies might be more effective at raising my score. I especially struggle with grouping/in out games. Thanks!


  • Ash15070Ash15070 Member
    11 karma

    I don't think it's an issue of quantity but of quality. Maybe you should take a break for a few days, and see if you improve on logic games after a brief reprieve. Additionally, I don't think you can really waste logic games section. Logic games is really all about repetition and being methodical about inferences. Some game types should start to feel pretty similar by now. Like there's only so many variations on how to make a sequencing game. Have you been reflecting about your section performance afterwards? For example, perhaps you take a really long time on In/Out games so you start feeling a time crunch. I would spend some time working solely on grouping games, and then time solely on In/Out games. Then, combine them. Make practice sets where the games are easy and gradually increase the difficulty. You could also play around with the timing of the section if you feel like it.

  • jordan_23jordan_23 Member
    67 karma

    The more the merrier! I'll second what @kavimodi00 said above. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Do as many as you can!! I would recommend that you should really hone in on your difficulties and foolproof those specific games that give you trouble.

  • hopefullinghopefulling Member
    edited December 2020 905 karma

    Are you using the recommended Foolproofing method ? Or are you just working through the CC games once? If you're not, you should repeat / cycle back through the games that you've missed questions on (or went over in time), so that through repetition you'll recognize inferences and become faster and more accurate.

    Knowing that those two game types are your weak spots is helpful. You could even include some of the PT games of those types that you didn't score a zero on into your practice, to try to improve with more games on those types. You could even toss in some that you DID get a zero on, just to spice it up, to check that you didn't just get lucky in the first attempt.

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