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RC Hard or is it just me?

laura_lololaura_lolo Core Member
edited January 2021 in Reading Comprehension 155 karma

I started out my studying by focusing on LR and LG and seem to be doing alright on them. I didn't spend any time on RC because I thought how hard can it be. But now that I am doing Prep tests it is by far my worst section and brings my whole score down by quite alot. I find alot of the questions are so detail oriented and I'm just focusing on the main point and trying to retain whatever information I can. Even when I start a Prep Test now and see RC as my first section it ruins the entire flow of my exam because I know I'm doing horribly at it. Does anyone else find RC hard or is it just me??


  • parkdan7070parkdan7070 Core Member
    50 karma

    RC is just hard for most people unless you're naturally fast and good at reading. Definitely as a business major, I didn't do enough critical and dense reading so RC has def been my weakest section and the longest to improve for me!

  • 309 karma

    Agree with the above comment. Unless you have a background with a lot of reading, it is a hard section especially because its not as "learnable" as LR and LG.

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