weird cycle - my results so far (military, 3.46 ugpa, 169 lsat)

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howdy all, I wanted to let people know how this admissions cycle has gone for me with hopes of shedding some light for others. It's been a very wonky cycle so far. I sent in 18 applications just after Oct 23, right after I got the results for my 169. I applied to all t14 + UCLA, UGA, Emory, and Notre Dame. I was expecting with my "super" soft of being a veteran + being a splitter at a lot of schools or at least hitting their median LSAT that I'd be a shoe in (haha it's actually "shoo in") at a lot of schools, but this has not been the case.

Here are the results of this weird cycle:
Georgetown - waitlist
Notre Dame - accepted
UGA - accepted
Harvard - denied
Cornell - denied
U Penn - waitlist
Waiting still from 12 schools.

Huh? Waitlisted at #7 Penn and denied at #13 Cornell? Then waitlisted at #14 Georgetown?? Here's a link to a very helpful and anxiety-lowering video from Spivey Consulting on youtube she basically explains what's going on and it helped me to manage my stress better.

I hope this info helps some of you, I wanted to be open about my application stats and my results, hopefully other ppl will benefit from this.

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