Best way to review PTs (After Blind Review) - LSAT Binder? Alternatives?

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I am planning on taking the LSAT this summer and want advice on if I'm approaching studying correctly. I am aiming for mid-170s. I've gone through all 3 Powerscore bibles, and I bought the 7Sage monthly package at the very beginning of this calendar year. My diagnostic score was a 154. I have been taking one PT a week on 7Sage and so far my scores have been 157, 159, 161, and I scored a 165 with Blind Review each time. Average scores: -8 on LR, -12 on LG, -3 on RC.

My Study Method:
After Blind Review I have been printing out all of the answers I got wrong on the test and going through them individually. I write down what I got wrong, my thinking in why I got it wrong, and why the correct answer is correct. I then give a one sentence high-level summary of what to remember for next time. I was inspired by the LSAT Binder on TikTok: (
I have also foolproofed most of the Logic Games I've gotten wrong.

I am really worried that I haven't seen better progress in my scores thus far, especially since foolproofing and individually reviewing questions takes so long. I have a full-time job and have only been able to study for an hour or two in the mornings, so it takes me until Wednesday or Thursday to finish reviewing a single practice PT from the weekend.

What do you all think -- am I approaching this right? Should I not review so much after BR and focus on just doing sections? Or something else? I want to be as thoughtful as possible in my studying, especially given my high score goal. But I am worried I won't reach it because I feel like I haven't improved at all.

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