If taking 7Sage MBE course - what other prep are you buying

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Hi all, 7Sage helped with my LSAT prep so much! It was the reason I got a decent score. They are now offering affordable bar prep, which is so exciting. I am planning to take the July Georgia bar. I really want to do the MBE course from 7sage. But I am unsure what other prep course (if any) I should take. I am thinking taking the 7sage MBE prep course and then studying for my own for the GA state specific essays - but its feeling a bit risky compared to just taking a traditional bar prep course like themis or barbri. Anyone else on the same boat?


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    I also used 7Sage for LSAT prep and think they are really the gold standard for test prep...I'm disappointed that none of the other companies seem to really take the approach that they do!
    I did decide to purchase Barbri though, mostly because I've liked their lectures during law school, but I plan to focus on 7Sage for MBE.

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