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LOCI before hearing back

I just got waitlisted a school and am now writing a LOCI for that school. It made me wonder, should I write LOCI to my top choice? I haven't heard back and am currently under review. I don't want to annoy them, again it is my top choice.

Anyone have experience with this?


  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
    edited February 2021 8460 karma

    No. If you have a relevant update, send that. If it's just to remind them you want to be admitted... they already know. You also don't want to make more work for admissions staff, or come off as naggy. So your app reader finally gets to your file for its first read and wtf... theres already a loci here?! Its a common impulse... people have asked this in all of the (now 3) cycles I've followed, and the answer has always been no... from adcoms and consultants. This cycle is unusually slow, so just chill out and try to relax.

    You might find spiveys latest podcast beneficial... they talk about the value of this waiting period. You've done everything you can, and now it's out of your hands. There's nothing more to do and periods of freedom like this are rare. Consider using it to work on other areas of your life... relationships or personal development you might have neglected for LSAT prep or applications for instance.

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