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Zoom/FaceTime Study Group for those taking the April exam

Jordan JohnsonJordan Johnson Alum Member

Hi everyone,

My digital study group is about to lose a few February-exam takers, so we're looking to add a few more members that are taking it in April.

We generally take timed sections (weekdays) or entire PTs (weekends) on our own, then get together via Zoom/FaceTime to Blind Review our answers before we find out how well we did.

Our next meeting is this Sunday, where we'll be Blind Reviewing PT 79 (all 4 sections).

We've been PT'ing in the high 160s, and want to edge over the 170 threshold by our respective exam date(s).

Shoot me a message with your name and email address on here if you'd like to join!


  • thisistheway-1thisistheway-1 Yearly Member
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  • rehmanir96xrehmanir96x Alum Member
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    Thank you!

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    Thank you!

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  • cannationcannation Monthly Member
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    Hello I am interested!

  • JChau2610JChau2610 Alum Member
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  • Jordan JohnsonJordan Johnson Alum Member
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    Hey! If there's anyone that posted in here that I haven't been in touch with, shoot me a message with your name and email address if you're still interested in joining the group.

    Here is the tentative schedule for this week:
    - 3/9 8:30pm EST: Review RC Sections from PTs 64+65
    - 3/10 8:30pm EST: PT 74 Blind Review
    - 3/12 8:30pm EST: Follow-up on PT 74 and any other sections we want to go over
    - 3/14 (time TBD): PT 84 Blind Review



  • magdiel_kobemagdiel_kobe Alum Member
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    Hi, are you all still doing the RC section on PT 64 and 65 tomorrow?
    I'm interested.

  • RushhourmanRushhourman Member
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    I'd like to join

  • happy_omelethappy_omelet Alum Member
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    I'm interested and just sent you a DM with my name + contact info. Thanks!

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