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Post October LSAT

James DeanJames Dean Member
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First of all, I hope you all enjoyed LSAT 70. I took it myself, and found it to be a decent test. I know we can't discuss specifics yet, but I wanted to open up the door for post test dialogue between us 7Sagers.

I will say the adrenaline was pumping. But as JY said, once I hit the questions it was just the usual routine and the nerves seemed to fade out. Fortunately, my testing center was great. The room temperature was freezing, but I prefer that over heat.

My overview of the test is as follows.

I was hoping for games or LR for the experimental, and what did I get, RC.
I do not know which one was experimental as they both seemed to be of the same difficulty. I will say that in the past, it has been my worst section, however, both of the sections seemed relatively easy. Which concerned me. That seems to be the consensus on the web right now. Those typically doing well on RC found it difficult, those having done poorly found it easy. Mind blowing. The questions seemed to be obvious at times with no trickery.

The LR was standard. My first LR section was easy- I thought at that time that it was experimental as they had some strange questions that I wasn't used to. The second LR section was kind of a beast. I made it through the whole thing, but I didn't have time to confirm any that I had doubts on.

The games section was easy, probably one of the easiest I've had in a long time.

Now we can enjoy the suspense of waiting for the results.


  • Paige HammerPaige Hammer Member
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    I had the same feeling! I came into the room with my stomach in knots but once I opened up the test booklet and saw that LR was the first section, I felt totally at ease. After finishing the section with 5 minutes to spare after double checking my answers, I looked around and everyone else was still working. I thought to myself "Obviously you guys didn't use 7Sage..." Granted, I'm sure not everyone started with LR and could have gotten games and needed the extra time, but still.

    RC was my experimental section and I'm pretty sure which section it was. One was normal while the other was definitely more difficult.

    It looks like Halloween will be the day that the results will be released. Before opening up that email, I guess I'll have to ask for the first time in many years, "Trick or Treat?"
  • tanes256tanes256 Alum Member
    2573 karma
    I didnt take the October test but I have been hearing that the LG were easier than they've been. How so? Meaning the types of games or there weren't many challenges with making inferences and all of that? At any rate, that's awesome!
  • KK Member
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    I'm a little worried.

    My format was LR-RC-LR-LG-LR.

    The first LR was pretty straight forward. I was able to answer every question within time, and there were a couple of questions I wasn't too sure about. I think I got at most maybe 4 wrong.

    The RC was all right. There was a question in there in the dance passage that drove me utter nuts. I eliminated all 5 answer choices... wat. Pretty sure I got that one wrong. Looking at maybe -1 to -2 on RC.

    The 2nd LR was probably experimental but holy ****. It was so hard. I wanted to cry. I heard critical failure alarms go off in my brain. My vision started blurring... "time is up," said the proctor. WOW. Talk about losing all morale. I'm pretty sure I got half of those wrong hahaha.

    Then after break came the LGs. 26 min in and I'm done. Sweet. Time to chill. I reviewed my answers. Pretty sure I got -0.

    The next LR was also quite hard. I think there were 6 questions I was unsure about, and pretty much half of the last section was really tough...

    When I was done with the test though... I really think I got maybe 10-12 LR wrong :/

    I don't think I did too well to be honest. I'm probably going to get around 160-165 :/

    Worst case scenario I end up retaking. Thanks to 7sage I became a beast at LG and RC. I just need to keep at it and get better at LR.

    I'm going to study for my certifications (related to job), study for GMAT, study LR on the side, and retake the LSAT in June. I don't think 2-3 months was enough time for me to get really good at LR. I'm really burned out to study for December... and I would rather take more time to do better on LR next June. I'm a little disappointed in myself that I couldn't meet my target, but I just have to admit that I'm not one of those people who can learn something in one shot. I'm not giving up hope though. Giving up is too easy. I will admit though that it is quite depressing that I am 22 and probably won't be going to law school next year. I know it isn't the end or whatever but it was my personal goal and I blew it... another disappointment.

    Unfortuneately I'm not in a position to get away with a score in the 160s due to my mediocre GPA (3.2). I need to do the best I can. I've been doing great in two of three sections. Just going to keep at it when I get a chance. I don't want to fear LR; LR should fear me!

    Good luck to everyone else. Hope y'all killed it!

    For retakers: I'll see you around :D We'll make it with JY's guidance :D

  • James DeanJames Dean Member
    297 karma

    You never know. Maybe you aced it.

    I feel the same as you . The more I think about it the more sick I feel.

    You did help me ID which rc was experimental , though. Thanks for that. I also had one question on that passage (probably the same) that didn't seem to have an answer.

    Anyway, good luck with your other studies. If we didn't kill it this time, we will on the next round we choose.
  • Luis89011Luis89011 Alum Member
    edited October 2013 48 karma
    I had LR-G- RC. G-LR , Second LR was beast
  • Litian.ChenLitian.Chen Member
    136 karma
    so anxious..not interested in taking it for a third time AT ALL..
  • James DeanJames Dean Member
    edited October 2013 297 karma
    Really underperformed on the OCT LSAT. Ended up with a 163.

    I did the worst on what is usually my best section, LR- Missing a total of 16 b/w the two sections. I couldn't believe it. On PT's I was averaging around 170+ with -5 b/w both LR's.

    BR'd PT 70 Today... Missing only questions total. I made a lot of foolish mistakes on LR.

    I will be retaking .
  • KristinaKristina Alum Member
    68 karma
    I'm really impressed by the generosity of those who are revealing their scores. Such disclosure is helpful to us fellow students who are following behind you. Thank you.
  • edited November 2013 25 karma
    Same score, similar experience. I missed 14 b/w the two sections after averaging -7 b/w them. I blind reviewed and missed 3.

    Even though I know not to, there were a few questions that I spent time on juggling between answer choices which threw me off pace, so I had to rush at the end of both sections to the extent that I had to blindly fill in "D" for two questions on each.

    The results:

    11 of 14 wrong answers occurred after question 17

    9 of 14 wrong answers occurred after question 19

    For anyone that struggles with time be sure to read the "Why You Must Skip Questions on the LSAT" blog post:

    I climbed. I felt rushed. I Missed 3 questions in a row. Now I'm retaking in December.
  • ajd0008ajd0008 Member
    6 karma
    I scored 167 after averaging around 169-172 on my most recent practice tests. Was a definite case of test day environment hurting my score by a few points, but overall I am pleased with a 167. I missed 4 on LG (was PTing around -1/-2 but didn't get to 3 questions and was lucky to even get a guess down). I missed -2 and -2 on the two LR sections. This is where 7sage probably helped me the most, I was extremely happy with this score. On reading comprehension I went -8, which is about 4 worse than my usual. However, I felt RC was the hardest section and the two LR sections were slightly easier than normal so it was evened out.

    To all prospective December takers my main word of advice would be to really drill yourself hard on time management while you are PTing, staying on your schedule and not having to guess and play catch up is half the battle IMO.
  • KK Member
    edited November 2013 345 karma

    I think my mistake was cramming. I'm not smart enough as many others and cramming made learning LR really hard. I couldn't keep focus and juggling work, LSAT, and family commitments was really tough. If I take it slow, and just focus on improving LR over a year or something, I think I can do much better. Another issue is I have OCD when I'm in a quiet environment. This makes it really tough to get through questions on time. I PT'd in the library so there was noise everywhere but I can deal with that. The silence in the testing room really unnerved me and I could not focus at all. Not sure how I can get past that...
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