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What do I do if I've used a lot of closer dates PT.....?

Izumi Y.Izumi Y. Core Member
in General 14 karma

Hi all,
Here's my dilemma. I have just graduated from undergrad, and am studying full-time now for my second round of LSAT. I have taken it couple times last year, but my score was not good enough (honestly, mostly due to my lack of commitment and hell, I really just didn't take it seriously enough....I kept thinking all the other possibilities and potentials but now I am a lot more committed, aiming to take the August 2021 LSAT, studying 6hrs a day, 6days/week with breaks in-between, trying to avoid the burn-out that many has mentioned). I am hoping to start over, but the dilemma is that I have used the latest 10+PT (some in parts, timed-sections and some in full-length) last year when I was doing it the first round before I met 7sage....which I deeply regret now. How big are the differences between the older versions and the newer ones? I'm literally starting over, trying to go over the core curriculums from the beginning again. Any advice would help!


  • Derek ShawDerek Shaw Member
    25 karma

    For studying purposes I personally believe that the older PTs serve just as good a purpose as the newest ones. The format and techniques are the same throughout. I do think that 6hrs a day will put you at an extremely high risk of burnout, but everyone is different.

  • Izumi Y.Izumi Y. Core Member
    14 karma

    thank you for your reply!! I do feel a bit more relieved...and I appreciate the reminder about the potential burn-out too! I do take breaks in between (2+2+2hrs spread out in the day) and make sure that I do at least one thing that I really enjoy per week :)

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