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Looking for a study partner or study partners for the June 2021 LSAT

edited March 2021 in Study Groups 56 karma

Hi. I am taking the LSAT flex in about 3 months from now in June 2021. I am preparing to retake the LSAT again in either October 2021 or November 2021 if I do not score high enough for my first choice law school for which I will be applying there early decision for their part time program.

I am preparing for the LSAT using numerous study methods including 7 Sage. I am located in Brooklyn Heights at NYC. I am looking for a study partner or study partners that can either meet up live in person or just want to do this over Zoom instead.

Reply back with your contact information which is your email address, how are you studying for the LSAT, your current LSAT score, and top choice law school that you want to attend. Thanks!

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