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Philadelphia Area-- Looking for a study group for the June 2024 LSAT, folks aiming for 170+

John.PrudenJohn.Pruden Alum Member
edited November 2023 in Study Groups 34 karma

🔢 I'm currently scoring: 155-160

📆 My planned test date: June 2024, potentially taking again August 2024

📈 To study, I have been: Haven't studied for the LSAT in a while, but want to take it before they remove logic games!

🔑 My goals for this group are: Hold each other accountable, help high scorers cement understanding by helping lower scorers, & schedule time to take PTs, also networking with other legal professionals.

🔍 We'll focus on: Getting Logic Games down to -1/0 is my personal goal.

👥 Study Group Name: TBD

📚 When we'll meet and what we'll do: TBD

✅ How to join: Comment below with your username in your preferred group chat system. We'll make a group chat in the preferred app :)


  • jadeemackenzieejadeemackenziee Live Member
    12 karma

    I would love to join!

  • M.ROCHA96M.ROCHA96 Core Member
    7 karma

    I would love to join as well

  • bruhmomentbruhmoment Core Member
    9 karma

    I would love to join! In the NYC area but would love to stay in touch

  • fistofblacklotusfistofblacklotus Free Trial Member
    2 karma

    I would love to mutually enrich. Whatsapp work for me but I am game for any messaging app.

  • Baloch1996-1Baloch1996-1 Live Member
    40 karma

    I live in new york but would love to join. I think I am pretty good with other sections aside from LGs.

  • PerformingEsquirePerformingEsquire Live Member
    10 karma

    Count me in!

  • PerformingEsquirePerformingEsquire Live Member
    10 karma

    A little late to the discussion, but I'd be happy to continue this through GroupMe!

  • june24lsatjune24lsat Live Member
    8 karma

    I'd be happy to connect!

  • sculley27sculley27 Live Member
    14 karma

    I live in Philly - would love to join! What's App or GroupMe would work best for me

  • angolomio34angolomio34 Core Member
    edited January 19 28 karma

    Yes! I am also in Philly also studying for the LSAT. PT-ing in the same range - WhatsApp works best for me.

  • Natalie NapoleonNatalie Napoleon Live Member
    2 karma

    I’m in Bucks and would love to join. WhatsApp is great for me.

  • Clemens_Clemens_ Live Member
    edited January 29 287 karma

    I'm in PA and would love to stay in the loop!

  • oldcollegetryoldcollegetry Live Member
    3 karma

    In upstate NY, similar goals (sad to see logic games go but want to finally ace them). Would be great to have some accountability for keeping a study schedule and talking through post-practice-test-issues.

  • Richard SchweikartRichard Schweikart Live Member
    16 karma

    I'm in Philly and would love to be a part of this!

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