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Anyone in the Boston Area Interested in Forming a Study Group for a Mid-to-late 2021 LSAT?

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After not hitting my score goal and realizing I didn't master enough of the test, I've decided to forego this admissions cycle in order to try to get up into the mid 170s. Wondering if anyone is up for weekly chats about general strategy insights, cookie cutter questions, specific problem sets, etc. I want to get into that 'zone' where you start to really see the theory of the test, if that makes sense. I'm best at self-study, which keeps me focused (after all we take the test alone), but would like to get into test 'theory', occasionally drilling things like question type strategy and logic game setup, that kind of thing—macro level stuff. I think that's the key to breaking into the highest percentiles. Anyone interested?




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    Hi! I'm in Boston and interested :)

  • josh.r8964josh.r8964 Member
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    I'm hoping to take in August or October, but I'm in Boston and am interested!

  • Maxwell-1Maxwell-1 Member
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    I'm interested! I'm a little outside of Boston (Central MA) but I go to (a) Boston University!

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