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Hello! What are the special test taking features that 7sage offers if you purchase the course? I don't quite understand how that works, and I don't see any contact info to ask questions. You take the test digitally via LawHub, and 7sage tracks the analytics (time spent per question, and the answer choices?) Would like more info on the features.


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    Hi there,

    The Ultimate+ course will allow you to take any PrepTest that was ever published by LSAC. However, our digital tester is not exactly like the LSAC's digital tester. This is because they serve overlapping but different functions.

    The primary purpose of our digital tester is help you improve your LSAT score whereas the purpose of the LSAC's is to familiarize you with the interface of the digital tester that you will be using on test day. For instance, our digital tester tracks a lot of data that the LSAC's doesn't, so we can provide you with detailed analytics to help you identify weaknesses and where to spend your time studying.

    It also includes features like background noises and adjusted timing. These are features that are very useful for preparing for the test, but are not things you could or want to use on test day.

    Our general advice is to have students take about 10% of their PrepTests on the LSAC digital tester to get familiar with the interface and 90% of their PrepTests on our digital tester so they can utilize the data tracked to improve their score.

    Please note that LSAC mandates every student who wants to use a prep course that uses real LSAT questions must have an active LSAC Prep Plus subscription. That includes us, 7Sage, and any other LSAT prep course that uses real LSAT questions.

    Let us know if you have any further questions.

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