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What takeaways can you properly make on a PT where you've seen some of the questions before?

tahurrrrrtahurrrrr Alum Member
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I was using Khan Academy LSAT prep before I switched over to 7Sage. So when I took my first practice test on 7Sage, I unknowingly chose a PT where I had already done a significant handful of the questions (pretty sure I had done 3/4 logic games multiple times). So I figured a couple things might happen:

1) my score was going to be artificially inflated, and not accurately represent the progress I've made
2) I was gonna be extra grumpy and frustrated from possibly getting something wrong that I've gotten wrong when practicing on Khan Academy

From now on, I'm going to triple check that I'm choosing PTs I've never seen before, but in the meantime, what takeaways can I truly get from this test? I got a 158 (163 BR), got -6 on the logic games section the first time through because I ran out of time on the last game (-0 BR) and -10 between both LR sections (-8 BR). For the questions I had seen before, I got most pf them right. But there were a couple I still got wrong in addition to whatever new questions I got wrong.


  • BigJay20BigJay20 Alum Member
    431 karma

    Honestly it doesn't mean much. Trust me, I've made the same mistake more than twice on a question I'm familiar with. The BR more accurately reflects your potential

  • McBeck418McBeck418 Alum Member
    500 karma

    I wouldn't really put any emphasis on the score, but I think there are definitely some things you can gain from this retake. If you've fixed some of your previous mistakes, dig into these questions. Affirm what you did correctly this time verses last time. Make sure that your correct answer this time wasn't just luck by seriously going over these questions. Understand the new way you processed it verses the old way and cement that in your mind.

    If you got the same answers wrong that you got wrong on the previous take, you should definitely mine them for all they're worth during your BR/Analysis. These are the questions that you're really struggling with and can get the most out of if you sit with it. Watch some explanation videos, ask some questions, etc.

    If you got the answers correct both times, this probably means you've got a pretty good handle on these particular questions, which is great. I think taking a 10k foot view of these questions can help you understand their patterns/mechanics which can apply to other questions you're getting wrong.

    I'm not sure how Khan academy times your PTs (if they do at all), but if you left some unanswered or you ran out of time, you can compare your timing between both takes as well to see if you were able to work faster, if certain questions took longer the first time than the second time, etc.

    In general, I think retakes are good for process work. Since you're comfortable with the questions and the answers, the score isn't the main point. The process can be though. How does it feel to move at 10 in 10. How does confidence in answer choices feel, can you read a stim, predict an answer and sort through all of the answers within the allotted time, etc. Once you can feel comfortable doing it with familiar questions, the daunting feeling of doing them with new questions can be a bit less.

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