PT18.S3.Q17 (P3) - Cherokee Culture

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Hello folks,

I have a quick question regarding the third passage of PT18. I don't quite get question #17. The answer is C, which states that the council "did not have complete autonomy in governing the Cherokee Nation." But how are we supposed to infer this fact? Where is it written? I understand that the second half of the answer matches with what we could expect, but I couldn't pick this answer given that I had no basis to believe that the council did or didn't have complete autonomy in governing the Cherokee Nation.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)



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    Hey KT,

    I think the key for me was in the the last sentence of the first paragraph. "This view was based on the assumption that the end of a Native American group's economic and political autonomy would automatically mean the end of its cultural autonomy as well."

    To me this is the author conceding that they did lose some autonomy, just not cultural autonomy. Since the Cherokee council is the governing body, I think it's reasonable to link those two things together.

    I hope this helps!

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