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Is it Futile to Apply Late this Cycle?

ericlelio-1ericlelio-1 Monthly Member
edited April 2021 in Law School Admissions 74 karma

Underperformed on the January LSAT. I submitted 5 applications the last week of January and asked the admissions office to hold until the results of the upcoming April LSAT. Currently scoring in the low 160's. Looking at Low Tier 2 to Tier 3 schools.
Have 3 years paralegal experience at an international law firm in Manhattan. Ohio State graduate 17'.

Have been telling myself to stay positive but all I keep hearing is how brutal this cycle year has been. Anyone in a similar situation?

Application being processed as soon as April Scores are released to Schools
  1. Is it futile for an application to be submitted this late?25 votes
    1. Futile 4 sure
    2. Not Futile - Picard saves humanity again


  • Hal IncandenzaHal Incandenza Alum Member
    394 karma

    I have no real experience specifically in this, but IMO nothing is “futile.” The better question may be: are “long odds of getting in” worth the application fee? In other words, if the app fee isn’t a huge deal to you, there’s no harm applying, right? The law application process is an opaque one at best, but there’s always some hope.

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