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Can we use ctrl+F during LSAT-flex?

slxyzvvv-1slxyzvvv-1 Monthly Member
edited April 2021 in General 69 karma

Hello! I hope everyone's doing fine with LSAT. I'm taking LSAT-flex in coming days. I'm wondering whether we can use ctrl+F during LSAT-flex (cuz I just spent one whole minute on one RC question trying to spot where one person's name was mentioned lol). I heard that they aren't disabling this function, but do they consider the use of this function as cheating?


  • Ichi the CatIchi the Cat Monthly Member
    18 karma

    Yes, you can use Ctrl+F on the LSAT-Flex. I've used it on the last two FLEXes I've taken w/out any problems.

  • slxyzvvv-1slxyzvvv-1 Monthly Member
    69 karma

    Thank you!

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