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Tips on speeding up in RC?

daniellaefdaniellaef Alum Member

Hello! I have been having issues with finishing RC on time. I used to go over 15 minutes. I have managed to go over the time limit by 5 minutes and am struggling to finish all the questions on time. I usually barely have time to finish the last passage. I was wondering if anyone had tips on how to speed up on RC? I tend to spend an average of 50 seconds, leaving me around 12 minutes for reading all the passages. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to read faster? How to determine when to skip questions? If it is a good idea to start reading a passage that covers a subject that you tend to find more difficult? Is it a good idea to stop writing notes on a separate piece of paper about main points in each paragraph? Alternatively, if it is a good idea to write notes about each paragraph, what specific details should I limit my writing to? Any advice would be of great help!

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