LSAT 175+ Daytime BR/Study Group [June / August 2021 exam]

Jordan JohnsonJordan Johnson Alum Member
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Hi all,

I'm considering adding some daytime study session to my schedule and want to find some other people currently PTing in the 170+ zone to review with.

The other groups I'm involved in are focusing on recent PTs, so we'll probably be BRing older tests and/or international administrations (i.e. LSAT India).

Shoot me a message with your name, weekday availability, and your recent pre- and post-BR scores if you're interested.




  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
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    Bump. Jordan is a great person to review with... unusual tolerance for volume of concurrent study groups notwithstanding. Take advantage of this.

  • Jordan JohnsonJordan Johnson Alum Member
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    @canihazJD Hahaha thanks for the endorsement man!

  • juanga43juanga43 Alum Member
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