Reading Comprehension - Digital Tips

I'm taking my second LSAT in June and currently the thing holding me back from a 170+ score is my RC score. This is mostly super frustrating because I took the LSAT for the first time two years ago and it was my best section on paper. Just not seeing my previous success translate to the digital test. Any tips on how you all annotate (on your computer) or take notes (on paper) would be incredibly helpful. Currently scoring -6/-7, whereas my LG is -1/-2 and LR -2/-3.

Please help!


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    LSAT Flex allows for 5 pieces of scratch paper (front-to-back) for your low resolution summaries/annotations per paragraphs or section. Plus the ctrl-F function is also good to go for the digital format to highlight keywords within the text on RC test day.

    Side note I don't personally annotate, but I do use the highlighter function to reference key differences of opinions/viewpoints by the author and any other key players within the text. Read thoroughly for reasoning structure, viewpoints, author tone, and organization and then go back and scan through the text if there is a specific quote, detail, or phrase being addressed by a question. Hope this helps. Best of luck

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