PT8.S4.Q20 - So-called environmentalists have argued that...

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Question: what can we conclude "virtually" to mean in this context? Can I conclude that there is at least one proposal that the so-called environmental group did not raise objections to? What is the opposite in LSAT world to "virtually?"

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    'Nearly all', or like 95-99% (without necessarily ruling out 100%...I think)

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    My guess would be: If I were to come across this question in a timed setting I'd probably designate it to mean 99%, or call it most of most (most is 51% - 100%, most of most would be ~76.5% - 100%) I guess, stressing the lower bounds of the definition. It's probably a rabbit hole in regards to finding the correct answer choice, as in seeing it as 100% might work, but I'd never interoperate virtually all to mean all.

    Look at the CC and there's a couple slides dedicated to this issue that I really suggest looking into.

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