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Reviewing Reading Comp

vspicy23vspicy23 Alum Member

Hey everyone!

Can anyone give some helpful tips on how to make the most out of reviewing the mistakes I make on the RC section? What are some helpful strategies/methods for reviewing and analyzing this section to avoid making similar mistakes on future RC sections?

Thanks in advance!


  • BagelinthemorningBagelinthemorning Yearly Member
    472 karma


    BR helps to identify the ones missed due to time, misreading, and comprehension. The ones missed during BR also shows the conceptual gaps that could be worked on like inference v. must be true, author's tone, and structure.

    I've been tagging the reasons why I missed each question while I do reviews, and it's helped to see my pattern. It might be helpful to tag reasons for wrong answers and count each type of tag at the end to see what types of mistakes are persistent. Then, you could address each one with the following PT.

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