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What does the flex exam actually look like compared to 7Sage's?

jegoldberg10jegoldberg10 Alum Member

I've been taking practice exams on the 7Sage platform but I am wondering what the LSAT Flex actually looks like? Will we be able to highlight, underline, etc? If you've taking the flex exam already please let me know!


  • Go to the Lawhub on LSAC and take tests there, they look exactly like the actual test.

  • sarahblairsarahblair Monthly Member
    604 karma

    Yes, definitely go make yourself familiar and comfortable with LawHub interface. They do have highlighting and underlining tools as well as flagging for questions you want to come back to etc.

  • Nadzter19Nadzter19 Monthly Member
    123 karma

    100% look at lawhubb. Looks just like it.

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