PT15.S2.Q21 -- Why is this question considered a strengthen question?

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The question gives you an initial claim as well as a principle to go with it. The stem asks for you to pick an AC that could be appropriately used as a premise for an argument that uses the principle in the stimulus. I see this as more of a pseudo-weakening question because we're trying to supply a premise for a (non-existent) counter to the original claim.

Claim: County X lowered tariff barriers because it was good for foreign companies.

Principle: To confirm that someone advantaged from a change that was made, one must show how their interests played a role in bringing about said change.

I understand why AC 'E' is correct, but in what way does this question fall into the strengthening category?


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    Someone correct me if I am wrong b/c I don't want to give out inaccurate info. You are indeed trying to counter, or weaken a claim, namely the one given in the stimulus, but you are supplying a premise, or strengthening an argument that will utilize that principle. Since that is the task at hand, aka strengthening an argument that will weaken another, I think that is why it was classified as a strengthening.

    "It must be shown how the interests of the person or group played a role in bringing about the change"= Did the powerful foreign companies play a role in inducing said change. If they did not, then according to the principle, the individual cannot explain the lowering of tariff barriers by pointing out that it happened because it was beneficial to these powerful foreign companies.

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