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"Continue the passage" RC Question Types

Lime Green DotLime Green Dot Monthly Member

Admins: Is there a way we can search for certain subsets of RC Question Types? For example, if I'm searching for a particular kind of "Inference" question, can I narrow down a search by question stem wording? Come to think of it, is there even a way to search & create a problem set for RC questions by question type at all?

All: There's an RC question stem that reads along these lines: "Which of the following would most logically begin a paragraph immediately following the passage?" (e.g., PT1.1.27 - Psg 4 has a version of this). I know I've seen "continue the [usually final] paragraph," but I also feel pretty sure I've seen "continue the passage" Q-types in other RC passages as well, like multiple times.

Can anyone think of other passages w/ this kind of Q?



  • davidbear0davidbear0 Monthly Member
    91 karma

    PT73 Section 1 Passage 3 question 21 has one. Just reviewed this one yesterday~

  • Lime Green DotLime Green Dot Monthly Member
    1324 karma

    Ah, thank you, @davidbear0! I just took a look at this. Can you think of any others that ask us to begin a new para? I thought I remembered a few like this...

  • davidbear0davidbear0 Monthly Member
    91 karma

    I just reviewed PT55. S2 Q02 is a bit similar to what you are looking for, although it's not exactly the same. I'm reviewing all the modern LSAT RCs rn. Will let you know if I encounter any.

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