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Taking notes while doing LR

Ben P. 1930Ben P. 1930 Alum Member

Am I the only one who doesn't actively write inferences or conditional statements when doing LR? If so am I doing myself a big disservice? As of now I prefer to just read it naturally and let the info sink in instead of trying to draw inferences that might not make any sense. Anyone else do this or if you do and think I should what would be your advice?


  • dylanwallach80dylanwallach80 Monthly Member
    4 karma

    I'd say you're only doing yourself a disservice if, in the absence of said notes, you get questions wrong. If you're not having any trouble visualizing those questions while not writing notes, no reason to start.

  • moral law withinmoral law within Alum Member
    35 karma

    I think you're not generally doing yourself a disservice but I'd add that you should be able to quickly make notes and conditional inferences on paper if you need to do it. I personally definitely think that some LR questions are incredibly difficult, because of their convoluted conditional language, and being able to take quick notes helps to save a lot of time. That would be the safest strategy.

  • Ben P. 1930Ben P. 1930 Alum Member
    76 karma

    @dylanwallach80 I see where you are coming from there and it is probably safe to say I'm not helping myself given it is by far my weakest section however, and this related to what you said @"moral law within" I find myself getting wrapped up and distracted in creating inferences as opposed to allowing myself to grasp the statements organically. Perhaps I'm just awful with conditional logic and need work on that or I just need to practice more and take the best notes I can with the comprehension level I have now.

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