If you're missing 0-3 per LR, let's talk.

BigStickDiplomacyBigStickDiplomacy Monthly Member
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When the explanations aren't satisfying and/or when you are stuck in your own loop of reasoning, I think it's important to have a group to bounce ideas off of each other and get a new perspective. So, if you DM me your name and number, we can make a small group and help each other out.

p.s. I don't care if you have a boyfriend, that's not why I'm asking for your digits.


  • HoRangYiHoRangYi Member
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    but I do have a boyfriend :(

  • shaybaebeeshaybaebee Alum Member
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    hit me up, stuck averaging 170s, with a few high 170s. looking to push higher

  • nurlsat234-1nurlsat234-1 Monthly Member
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    me! id love to talk

  • kshahi2017kshahi2017 Monthly Member
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    I'm within the 170-173 range & have my test in August. Working mainly on endurance now but could definitely benefit from some collaboration. -1 to -3 on LR.

  • lawandyodalawandyoda Monthly + Live Member
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    lets do it - DMing you.

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