PT7.S1.Q24 - many major scientific discoveries of the past

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Hey Everyone,
Got this question right when I did this initially, but having a tough time ruling out answer (D). I know at first glance it seems out of scope, but here's my reasoning why (D) could be right. If all scientific investigators don't receive any grants for which they apply, then they face no restrictions (ignoring anything that doesn't directly bear on the funded research), and therefore serendipity can still play a role. I know (D) sounds far-retched, but why can't it be a NA?
I know I've gone wrong somewhere in my thinking and I'd appreciate if anyone can help me out. Thanks!


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    I'm not an expert but here is what I see, the argument is that because scientists ignore things serendipity doesn't play a role.

    The correct answer is the only answer that addresses this relationship. The problem I usually have is misinterpreting the argument and its relationships. I also "attack" the premise vs the relationship between the support and conclusion.

    The other key I think for this question in particular is that words "Therefore under the prevailing circumstances". I think those words help to describe how to deal with these questions. We have to take as fact the things stated.

    I think we also don't have to assume that some people get grants because the premise tells us it's true so there's not really any assumption there.

    Of course again I don't really know what I'm talking about.
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    Your argument for D doesn't work because the question states that now research is so expensive that grants are required, even if these people are not facing any restrictions it would still be almost impossible for them to make discoveries. Also as a general word of advice, if you are facing an assumption ask yourself "If this wasn't true would the argument still work?" If you look at it that way D is obviously wrong and A is obviously right, don't make things too complicated.
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    Thanks guys. Jacob, I totally get what you're saying and it makes perfect sense, but I just had a tough time ruling out (D).
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