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Serious Study Group for August/ October 2021 test takers who are testing at 170+ and aiming for 175+

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I'm looking to form a group of people who are currently scoring in the low 170s and looking to score in the high 170s. We would meet for several hours at the weekend to do blind review of a previously agreed upon practice test. I'd also be open to organizing break-out sessions and/or workshops for question types within the group and/or exploring other methods of group study.

I'm looking for people who can commit to attending most of the sessions and really want to dive into to the nitty gritty to grab those last few points.

About me:
I am in Central Time. Strongest section is RC and weakest LG.I scored a 171 on the June Flex which was my first take.
If you are interested, please message me or comment below.



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