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Any Benefit to Cancelling Score with Score Preview?

AJamal22AJamal22 Member
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Hey Everyone! I wanted to ask you all for advice. I recently took the June LSAT and got a 158. Since this is my first LSAT, I have the option until today to cancel my score but im not sure if I should. I've listened to most opinions and understand law schools don’t care much about your past scores and only need to report your highest score. I plan on taking it again in August with a goal of a 170+. So, is there any benefit for cancelling or keeping? I did pay for the score preview so I don’t want to waste money if there’s even little benefit. Would a single score or a score improvement look better? Thanks so much.


  • jenny515jenny515 Member
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  • ishaw18ishaw18 Member
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    I was in a similar situation and didn't think twice about cancelling my score. After all, you did pay for that option.

  • lsatplaylistlsatplaylist Member
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    Cons of cancel with score preview: no score to apply with until you take it again and the possibility of doing worse next time
    Pros of keeping score: the score is above the national average and you don't have to explain a score cancellation
    Maybe use the repeater data and contact some people to ask what to do, like maybe the Thinking LSAT team. Wishing score preview was an option for every attempt, as the GRE allows this option, but we have to work with what we've got.

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