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RC timing

autumn.ames23autumn.ames23 Alum Member

when I do RC untimed, I get -4 but when I do it timed I average -11. I have been using a new approach which helps me understand the passage more, but any suggestions on how to transition to do this timed by the August test?


  • yunonsieyunonsie Alum Member
    611 karma

    Are you able to finish all 4 passages under timed conditions?

  • autumn.ames23autumn.ames23 Alum Member
    251 karma

    @yunonsie said:
    Are you able to finish all 4 passages under timed conditions?

    @yunonsie I am able to finish all 4 under timed conditions but I get a lotttt more questions wrong. This was when I was just reading through the passages with no strategy. I just started doing them untimed with a focus on reading for structure and reading more actively but I've been taking my time to make sure I do it accurately. So I guess I need to figure out how to do it accurately under timed conditions by august

  • allison.abdallahallison.abdallah Alum Member
    12 karma

    I am in the same boat as you. Untimed, I am right on target, but timed is a disaster for me. What I have been doing is every single day doing untimed RC passages, really familiarizing myself with the question types and building confidence in myself. I am slowly adding in time restrictions little by little, but not rushing it or pushing it. With every day practice and patience, you will get there. I am already seeing small bits of progress. I hope this helps!

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