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Is one LR section harder than the order? And subsequent Flex PT strategy?

bkg loverbkg lover Alum Member

I'm wondering if I should consistently be taking all 4 sections of PT's (not only for building test stamina) but because I've heard that one LR is usually harder than the other? Is this true? I've looked at the LR scores of full PT's that I've taken, and on 50% them I scored significantly better on one section than the other, but in the other 50% I scored roughly the same on either section. Does this mean some of the higher scores that I've gotten on Flex PT's have been skewed because I happened to only take the easier LR section?


  • DontPay4LawSchoolDontPay4LawSchool Alum Member
    566 karma

    I have been taking the 4-section version to simulate the real test. If you want to simulate the August test to perfection, I would do the 3-section flex option and add in a problem set of a full random section. I have noticed that many tests have LRs with different levels of difficulty, but that might just be the reality that not every LR will be exactly the same. Therefore, this is not a surprising observation. You do raise a good question about a potential weakness in the flex option, though. I will say that I noticed 7Sage will sometimes select the second LR, rather than the first one. This may be due to an algorithm that selects the more difficult section or the sections that balance the overall difficulty of the test.

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