PT97.S2.Q2 (P1) - Historian Philips Aries claimed that in medieval Europe...

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Can someone explain why C isn't right

We know that she had to work hard on finding these docs because of how exceptional it is. So why can't we say it's scant

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    Is it because the 2nd paragraph doesn't focus on treatment it focuses on conception, making C wrong because we don't know about the quantity of treatment

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    I would agree with that. That part of the passage doesn’t talk about how children were treated. We also don’t know how scant the information is, even if it is hard to get. The theological documents, at least, were ‘particularly illuminating’ so that might even suggest a reasonable amount of information.

    Line 7-9 explicitly supports answer choice E and is about how children were treated as miniature adults and portrayed as such.

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