PT 11.S3.Q2 and Q7 (P1) - Is there a contradiction in the video explanation?

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For #2, we can affirm from the first paragraph that MLK was influenced by at least one work from a transcendentalist, namely MLK was influenced by David Thoreau's essay "Civil Disobedience"; the correct answer choice says as much and yet the correct answer for #7 states MLK was not at all affected by transcendentalist thought. But you can't be influenced by a transcendentalist essay (and presumably by the ideas in said essay) and then turn around and say you actually weren't impacted by transcendentalist thought. And both were talking about civil disobedience too. Isn't that a contradiction in the passage/video explanation? I was under the impression that MLK was influenced by transcendentalists, just not as much as writers previously thought.

As for answer choice C, are morality and ethics the same thing on the LSAT?

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