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Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well! I'm in need of some serious advice. I took the LSAT for the first time last month (June 2021) and I didn't get the score I had hoped for. I plan to retake the exam in October 2021 or November LATEST, for admission in Fall 2022. I need some advice on how to get back in the groove of studying after taking a month break. I need to stay consistent and figure out a way to study effectively in order to raise my score. Full disclosure, I got a 146 on the exam and I need a 160 so I can get into my target school. Any advice helps. Thanks in advance.


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    If you scored a 146, your LG can use work. I would recommend using the 7sage method and getting that to -0/-1 first. Don't completely neglect the other sections, but the bulk of your studying should be going to LG. IMO it is the easiest section to improve on, in the shortest amount of time.

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