LSAT August Q&A - AMA - 6PM EST, August 13th 2021

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Hey 7Sagers!

Been a bit MIA on the forums the last month or so but came back to see a lot of test anxiety posts and questions being asked on the forum. I took the June LSAT (awaiting results thanks to writing complications) so I'd be happy to answer any questions regarding test day or really anything LSAT related! I might not have all the answers but I did a pretty heavy amount of researching test day requirements and ProctorU requirements leading up to my exam so hopefully I can answer most of your questions. If anything, it'll be a space for all you to see you're not the only one anxious and stressed about test day :)

Hope to you see there!

When: 6pm - 7pm EST - Friday, August 13th, 2021
What to bring: All your doubts, anxiety, and nerves so you can leave it on the call


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    what were your writing complications? I took my writing sample today, and someone came in the room started talking to me but I told them to leave. Were your complications similar to this? I am worried I won't hear back my score in time because of a potential delay in my writing sample getting approved

  • Law and YodaLaw and Yoda Alum Member
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    Hi @isabella-3 , before entering into the writing prompt my screen was frozen on the "start" window so I had to call technical support. I was on the phone with them for 30 minutes before they fixed the issue but ultimately my writing was flagged then not approved. I assume it was flagged because I had to go grab my phone and turn it on and the technical analyst had to open up chrome in order to fix the issue but a prompt popped up stating that opening chrome is not allowed during testing and could result in a cancellation.

    Its possible your writing may be flagged for review because of someone entering the exam room. The upside is you've taken it prior to the exam and given yourself some wiggle room for a redo prior to score release date. I took the writing roughly 2 weeks after the exam which was close to 7/8 days before score release day. Regardless, don't be nervous or worried about the possible outcome, your score will always be there waiting for you :)

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