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Practice tests--take with 3 or 4 sections?

z.chishti20z.chishti20 Core Member
in General 6 karma

Hey all! Any idea if we should be taking the practice test of 4 sections or 3?

If we take it as 4, do all 4 sections get counted towards the score or just 3?

For people who do 3, do you worry you might not have the endurance to do all 4 on test day?


  • yusufbaqai9yusufbaqai9 Core Member
    15 karma

    You should take 4 sections to get endurance. In the real test, only 3 sections are scored.

  • tahurrrrrtahurrrrr Member
    1106 karma

    Yeah definitely take 4 sections. Either take the 4 sections normally or simulate flex and just do an extra section from a different test

  • kvitka22kvitka22 Member
    257 karma

    Take 4 so you can stimulate real test day. I'm a few weeks away from my test so what I have been doing is taking the tests on lawhub then imputing my answers in 7Sage flex. The only issue with that is that you will only practice with LR as experimental

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