RC - 7sage or Powerscore?

I want to begin studying for RC & was wondering if you guys thought 7sage's RC lessons were very beneficial or if I should use the Powerscore RC book that I have. RC is my worst section, so if anyone could provide me with their opinions on 7sage's RC material for the Course Curriculum that would be great. Thank you!


  • Ashley2018Ashley2018 Monthly Member
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    I think you should go through all of them and make a judgment call as to which source is best for you. I personally find RC to be the weakest part of the 7sage curriculum; there is no lesson made for comparative passages and the explanations are hit and miss, especially for the more difficult passages.

  • carolynlaw2023carolynlaw2023 Monthly Member
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    Thank you Ashley2018! (I don't know how to @ you). I looked at 7sage RC & I had a feeling it wasn't as good as the LR & LG presented, so I wanted to get some opinions before starting. I appreciate it

  • nzLSAT71nzLSAT71 Alum Member
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    The PowerScore RC was pretty useful and fairly easy to understand, so I'd definitely go through the book.

  • LawyeringForLifeLawyeringForLife Alum Member
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    Assuming you have no base-line concepts, I think Powerscore may be easier as a starting point. It is creatively straight forward and has good foundational skills to work on.
    7sage on the other hand has, in my opinion, more in-depth explanations that can go over your head if you don't have some concept of what you are looking for. I say try both and see what flows better for you.

  • carolynlaw2023carolynlaw2023 Monthly Member
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    Thank you both!! @nzLSAT71 @LawyeringForLife

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