PT91.S4.Q24 (P4) - copycat computer programs

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I get why (A) works but can someone please explain why (C) doesn’t? It seems to be extremely well-supported by P3: “Because the value of software lies in its form of expression, protection should be given only for particular applications - expressions of algorithms in an encoded form.”


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    C-encode a previously unused algorithm. It differs from what the p3's sentence.

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    Algorithms can be copied without it falling under copyright law, since they are universal laws/principles like principles in any science. The specific program used to express an algorithm can and should be under copyright law. This was the author's argument in the passage, and the specific wording in (C) goes against their argument.

    So, what the author believes is the opposite of (C) - sequences should be copyrightable no matter whether they're using a new or old algorithm, since algorithms are just principles that can't be owned or copyrighted.

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