PT91.2.12 - most obvious health problems

I struggled with this question and I would like some feedback on my thought process:

The conclusion is that widespread, grassroots efforts towards new, stricter controls are unlikely at this time. We know that people generally worry about only the most obvious public health problem. We also know that ozone is very dangerous and that there is a widespread water contamination problem that most people know presents a bigger threat to their community. So here, I said to myself, for the conclusion to be valid, it is not enough to show that most people are aware that water contamination is a bigger threat, it has to tie to the previous idea of people only caring about the most obvious health problem. Accordingly, the water contamination problem must be the more obvious one. In other words, the generalization that people only care about the most obvious health problems explains why most people see water contamination was the bigger threat, and therefore, are unlikely to dedicate efforts to the other, less obvious public health problem - ozone. So I chose C, whereas the correct answer is B.

Where did I go wrong? What's the right way of thinking about this question?


  • There are two kinds of problems:
    1)Air pullutant-Ozone: for asthmatics, very bad, even if reduced the current level can still be dangerous.
    2)Water Contaminated: presents a much more widespread threat.

    Premise: people notice and concerned only the most obvious public health problems
    2)'sWater is much more dangerous than 1)'sAir

    Conclusion: control for air pollution is unlikely this time.

    Choose B

    Why C is wrong:
    current public awareness of the severity of the water problem doesn't explain in the context.
    We just know water's pollution is much more dangerous than air's pollution, then we ignore air's pollution.

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