PT3.S1.Q20 (G4) - Planes available to fly in an air show

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Can somebody clarify for me the distinction between B and E for Question 20? Aren’t the two choices basically saying the same thing? The only difference being that B specifies that both are flying their respective planes. The rule states that “no plane flies without a qualified pilot aboard,” but doesn’t indicate they need to be flying the plane. Similarly, E states that Cindy is in plane 2, therefore sufficiently satisfying the rule’s requirement. So, what’s the difference here? How do you choose between the two?

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    Dave is a co-pilot and so needs a pilot to be flying with him. There are only three pilots available and Anna isn't available so if C is flying in plane 3, Bob needs to be flying with Dave or Dave will fly alone, which isn't allowed since he's a co-pilot. As for E, if C were flying in plane 2, it doesn't necessarily mean that B needs to fly in plane 3. B is pretty much a floater. It could be possible that B flies in the same plane as C and D (maybe even E and F). The rules never said you need exactly one pilot to be flying with the co-pilots.

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    Oh that's true. Since Dave is fixed in plane 2, plane 3 is uncertain: there could be a pilot and co-pilot there or there could be no one. Therefore, plane 3 doesn't need to fly. Thanks for your help.

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