Canadian (Ontario) Applicants - In your opinion is the January LSAT too late?

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Hi all!

Looking to hear some info from other Ontario applicants! I know the last LSAT accepted by most schools is in January, and there are seemingly different opinions on waiting until then based on a significant amount of offers going out in Nov/Dec.

I personally know 3 people who wrote in January (none of them had widely high LSAT scores either!), who were accepted for that coming September to one or multiple schools. It seems that the January administration is becoming more and more acceptable for applicants and so I am interested in hearing the perspectives of others as I contemplate moving my November exam to get that extra month or two of practice!


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    Personally I don't think it matters if you take it in January if it gives you a better chance, the people getting offers early on are those who have the most competitive scores anyway from what I've heard! Best of luck!

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    @alycortez totally agree with you, glad to hear that reaffirmation from someone else though because I was beginning to doubt myself. Best of luck to you as well!

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    @emmorens definitely don't rush and listen to your gut about when you think you'll perform best :) also if you just want someone to chat to that can relate to the Ontario law school apps feel free to DM me!

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