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Personal Statement Swap

johnhinchey1225johnhinchey1225 Monthly Member
edited October 15 in Law School Admissions 17 karma

Hi everyone! I am trying to get as many eyes on my personal statement as possible! Who wants to swap?


  • DachiardiDachiardi Alum Member
    30 karma

    Hey! I haven't completed mine yet but I would definitely throw some eyes onto your personal statement if you'd like.

  • morgenhopsonmorgenhopson Alum Member
    4 karma


  • dubdub1223dubdub1223 Monthly Member
    40 karma

    hey I would love to but I haven't started but would love to once I get some down if you would want too

  • tffny.buitffny.bui Monthly Member
    11 karma

    I have not started mine, but I will be down to exchange once I'm done. You can go ahead and swap with me now, and I'll definitely give you feedback.

  • jess.4545jess.4545 Monthly Member
    9 karma

    I'm interested in swapping!

  • 2ndTimeSuccess2ndTimeSuccess Monthly Member
    40 karma

    Haven't finished mine yet but would be willing to review yours if you would like?

  • kcunningkcunning Monthly Member
    4 karma

    I am down to edit yours / swap! Mine isn't done yet but I have the first draft of it completed.

  • Darien022Darien022 Monthly Member
    74 karma


  • haleyplatt27haleyplatt27 Alum Member
    44 karma

    I am down to swap!

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