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Offering Free Tutoring for LG!

calderon.geraldinecalderon.geraldine Monthly Member
in General 48 karma


I've just about exhausted most LG sections and figured I could benefit from teaching LG as I'm approaching the Nov Test (I also took the Oct Test).

A little about me:
I go 0/-1 on most LG sections with 7+minutes to spare for most sections. I have a slight background in formal/deductive logic which I think helps a lot when it comes to inferences and conditionals.

I think I can be of most help to those wanting to get faster, and learning how to better diagram/make inferences!

I'm wanting to hopefully tutor after the Nov Test, and would love to get as much experience as possible as knowing how to do X is very different from teaching X.

Shoot me a message if this is something you would be interested in :)

Best of luck studying!


  • lawyer2021lawyer2021 Monthly Member
    346 karma

    I am interested. I'm still having program how to diagram some of the games, hope you can help. Thank You.

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