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Help- Most Strongly Supported Questions

Determined_-1Determined_-1 Member
in General 919 karma

Hi all! For some reason, I keep getting MSS questions wrong. I try to look at the ACs and ask myself: Is this supported? But often times, the AC that is correct has a new component that is somehow supported by the stimulus.

Any tips on how I should be approaching these questions? I was doing pretty well on them when I worked on the CC but now I'm slipping during practice tests.


  • gabes900-1gabes900-1 Member
    855 karma

    I think MSS questions are one of the LR questions that requires a little more time to understand the stimulus. So, I would make sure you are spending quality time upfront on the stimulus. Obviously this is easier said than done.

    For example, once I see the question stem, I take a deep breath and try to read each sentence, pause, and move forward—with the goal of trying to take in the information one by one. Then, once I hit the ACs do the best I can to eliminate irrelevant information.

  • Determined_-1Determined_-1 Member
    919 karma

    @LSATWizard1996 Thanks so much for your input!

  • gabes900-1gabes900-1 Member
    855 karma

    You’re welcome!!

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