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Switching up sections?

edited June 2015 in General 522 karma
How does everyone here feel about this concept, of studying for logic games for a week for example, and then moving onto RC, and then back to LG or LR.

I'm just following the 7Sage curriculum and they switch back and forth a lot which I actually enjoy.

When I'm so sick and tired of doing logic games I see RC and it seems kind of fun and new. Then when I'm tired of RC I look at LR and it looks appealing.

I'm curious if I'm the only (group one indicator looooool) one that thinks like this lol.


  • Matt1234567Matt1234567 Inactive ⭐
    1294 karma
    Yeah, I do this. Currently I'm intensely studying LR by doing timed drills from earlier PTs. I throw in a few logic games here and there when I'm BR'ing my work. I'm planning on killing LG once my LG repetition drill book comes in the mail lol. RC is gonna be monster of its own when I get around to it.
  • bSM45LSATbSM45LSAT Member
    edited June 2015 522 karma
    Haha nice. I'll be done the core curriculum by July 1st, then will do every LG that exists 4 times at least.

    Also have 80 reading comp. passages that I have to get done slowly.

    At this rate I don't know how I'll even do timed tests, so my plan is to start doing PTs asap, complemented with LG and RC passages daily til Oct.
  • Matt1234567Matt1234567 Inactive ⭐
    1294 karma
    That's a nice plan! I'm kind of thinking about doing the same thing, even though it's going to be overwhelming.

    I'm thinking about keeping certain older PT to drill with, and adding some of the newer ones (2000 onwards) to my timed PT's as experimental sections.
  • PacificoPacifico Alum Inactive ⭐
    8021 karma
    I'd definitely save some of each question type for drilling later on between PTs because you will likely run into various issues on certain sections or question types and having fresh questions will help you hone those skills. I also felt like I did way too much LG towards the end of the curriculum and then did about a third of the bundle, only to get smoked on LR on my first few PTs. I think a week is a little long to go without work in a given section but your mileage may vary.
  • bSM45LSATbSM45LSAT Member
    edited June 2015 522 karma
    The way I've been studying I unfortunately won't have many questions for practice that I haven't done before.

    After I learn a lesson like Weakening I usually go and do the entire pamphlet to drill them into my head. I mean I could go back and do them, there's plenty I won't remember.

    I'll just spend the time reviewing the LR questions I get wrong for a given PT and hopefully just analyzing those like JY said for hours will work!
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