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How do I improve my timing on RC?

alexa723alexa723 Alum Member

I am having a really hard time with RC. When I do full PT's and timed reading sections I am running out of time or rushing and getting -7 to -10 wrong. I definitely think that it is a timing issue because I have done 2 untimed reading sections and gotten -1 and -2. I am hoping to get down to -5 or less on RC in the next couple of weeks before the November test. What can I do to improve my timing? Any advice/tips/strategies is greatly appreciated! Thanks!


  • gabes900gabes900 Alum Member
    855 karma

    I think RC is counterintuitive. From my own experience, the test rewards me when I take time on passage for like 5mins and then answer questions in 30 seconds or under.

    Maybe try to evaluate if this is your problem or not? I say this because, for me, if I spend time upfront on passage I understand it better, so then the questions are easier for me to go through. If I rush on passage, I end up having to re-read it anyway from my lack of understanding once I am in questions further sinking my time and accuracy. At this point, I am just confused and panicking and not taking the section well, etc.

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